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Newsletter - Bejing | ND North

June 2016

Special Needs Care and Training Center

Our new center is up and running!
We are thrilled to announce the opening of our Special Needs Care and Training Center! On May 19th, after making sure everything was ready to bring children in, we brought Frank into his new home. On May 31st, his sister, Veronica, joined him. These two little ones add so much joy to the apartment and really make it feel like a home!

The Vision of New Day North is to transform the lives of children with special needs, especially those who are orphans. Our approach to accomplishing that vision involves three key roles: care-givers, experts, and coaches. With the opening of our own facility in the capital city of Hohhot we will be providing care for children around the province with long-term special needs. At the same time, the Training Center will provide training for local staff to be equipped as care-givers, coaches for care-givers, and coordinators for projects around the province.

Meet Frank: 
Frank is the first child to be taken care of in our newly opened Special Needs Care and Training Center! He is very alert and friendly, and he loves to laugh and take in everything around him. We are excited to see him grow up to be all that he can be and make lots of progress in his New Day North home! Read more about him here.

Frank stills needs sponsors. Sponsor him here!

Meet Veronica: 
Veronica is the second child to be taken care of in our newly opened Special Needs Care and Training Center! She is reserved, but is very interested in people and prefers people to toys. She has a very sweet smile. We are excited to see how she grows and blossoms in this environment of love! Read more about her here.

Meet Lillian: 
Lillian is the first nanny to work for the Special Needs Care and Training Center. She began working for New Day North in May 2016. She has a daughter who is 25 years old, and she taught Sunday School before working with us. Lillian is most excited to learn about medicine and training. She enjoys having her own career and being in an environment where she can give love to the children in her care.

Adoption News

We are so excited to announce that Kristiana has been matched with a family! If everything goes as expected, she should be with her family soon. We will miss her but we are so happy for her and her new family!

We are also very happy to announce that Timothy (now Timmy) joined his forever family this past April! We couldn’t be more overjoyed! This is New Day North’s third adoption and we are celebrating that there is one less orphan in the world. Read more here!

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