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Newsletter - Bejing | ND North

August, 2014

Healing and Hiring

Timothy's Heart

Timothy was diagnosed with a few heart defects back in February. Recently, a visiting pediatrician recommended that it would be best for him to have his operation before he turned a year old. Children with Down Syndrome have a 50% chance of having heart defects, and many of those defects can have quite devastating consequences if not operated on in time.

We arranged with New Day in Beijing to have Timothy transferred down there for a time, in order to get pre-op testing and surgery at one of the hospitals in Beijing.

While New Day Beijing is handling the logistics of scheduling Timothy's surgery, we at New Day North are responsible for providing the funding. We are so excited that we have already raised all of the funds that will be needed for his operation.

Right now Timothy is just waiting for a spot to open up at the hospital. We will keep you updated!

Therapy Training
Margie is a professional therapist, and she and some of our NDN staff visited a local therapy center for children and their families. The team was able to provide two days of training and hands-on guidance for the children and staff. We hope that our relationship with the therapy center will grow, as we can see the potential for many good things.
New Nannies?
It's growing time again for New Day North! At the end of this month we interviewed a group of women and they will begin training in Beijing on the 15th of September. After their two-week training we plan to open up another room in the orphanage and care for up to six new children. We were impressed with the nannies we hired and cannot wait to see them working with the children.

Working with Beijing for healing...
We met baby Leon the day he arrived at the orphanage, a tiny newborn baby. Because of his ENT defect, Leon struggled to eat enough to grow. When we saw him again two weeks later, still so tiny and not growing, we contacted New Day Beijing to see if we could transfer him to them for some more intensive medical and nutritional treatment. A retired nanny in Beijing was willing to help little Leon, and he was transferred into her care for TLC and specialized feeding August 27th. In just a little over a week Leon has already gained .4kg (nearly a pound). We hope that he will continue to grow big and strong in preparation for his ENT surgeries.

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