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Newsletter - Bejing | ND North

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are thankful for tiny Ruby, and that as the weeks go by and she grows little by little, her hope for the future shines brighter.  We are thankful for Evangeline. She has a smile that lights up the room, and we're excited to watch her begin to reach her full potential. 

Thankful For Progress

This month we added one room, and welcomed six children

The NDN project expanded significantly this month. The orphanage graciously offered a new set of rooms on the second floor of the orphanage, including two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a large activity room. Six new nannies have also joined the team caring for the children, and they are working hard to understand the needs of the children. The new children arrivals are Stephanie, Emerson, Rina, Clara, Alfred and Evangeline.

Expanding has been challenging, but we are grateful for the opportunity to cooperate with this orphanage to help make a substantial impact in the lives of these children. 


Thank you, Olivia's Place!

Therapists came from Shanghai came again. 


A team of therapists from Olivia's Place came for the second time to help train our staff and nannies in therapy and daily-life activities we can do with our children to help them make progress and reach their full potential.

Liangqing, director of therapy at the orphanage, shared afterwards, "With this kind of energy... this kind of team... this kind of management.... NOT making progress will be difficult."

Indeed, despite the challenges, we believe that with the cooperation of skilled volunteers like these, our enthusiastic orphanage partners, and the support of people like you around the world, it will be hard not to see wonderful progress in the lives of these children. Thank you!

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