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Newsletter - Bejing | ND North

June, 2014

Our newest arrival... Meet Kristina!

Children's day, June 1st, we chatted with the orphanage directors about which child they felt would be a good fit to add to our project. We had just interviewed another nanny to join our team and so we felt comfortable increasing the number of children in our room from four to five.

Kristiana had only been at the orphanage since April, after being abandoned as a four year-old. As you can imagine, she arrived traumatized and was not doing well when the orphanage suggested that we add her to our program. She was sad, thin and weak. When we asked about two children they said, "Kristiana is too skinny... she (the other baby we were asking about) is eating well. How about Kristiana?"

We sat down with our nannies before Kristiana arrived and talked about how to best care for her. After Kristiana joined our room, our amazing shift leader Anna began guiding the rest of the team in a very wise plan to help Kristiana adjust to the new enviroment and to start receiving love. Not surprisingly, it didn't take very long for Kristiana to be perfectly happy in her new enviroment.

It's been a month of living in our room and getting daily love from our wonderful nannies, the transformation has been lovely. Just look at the picture above!

A new nanny... Meet Garland!

Garland (LiXaio) joined our team this month after two weeks of training in Beijing. She has a son who is in middle school and was once the classmate of the director of the orphanage! She is a very sweet woman who is learning the ropes of being a nanny and we look forward to watching the impact that her love makes in the lives of the little ones.

Visitors in June - Dr. Jean

What a blessing to have Dr. Jean and a small medical team from the US visit us up here in Inner Mongolia. Not only did she do medical checks on the children in our care, but she also advised the orphanage's medical staff on many of their more challenging cases. She passed on a lot of wisdom and we know that the orphanage appreciated it.

You can read more about her visit and see more pictures here on our blog.

Moments in the "Room of Hope"

Kristiana enjoys reading a book that was donated by one of our generous sponsors. Hannah and Timothy are getting a lot of tummy-time practice thanks to the blankets from Dana and the playset from the Rohrer's fellowship.
Hannah models her new dress from Valerie and Luke is way too busy crawling around and getting stronger to smile for the camera.

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