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Newsletter - Bejing | ND North

December, 2013

Therapy Training
In late November, two therapists from our New Day facility in Beijing traveled up North to partner with us in reaching out to local orphanages. Our therapists, Zoey and Jenny, were warmly welcomed at the two orphanages and spent a week at each one.

At each orphanage, Zoey and Jenny provided therapy-training sessions to the staff in the areas of Physical and Occupational therapy. In addition, they were able to give hands-on support and training with specific children whose therapy needs are especially challenging. As a result, the staff were inspired to help the children reach a higher potential, while receiving practical guidance about how to make this possible.


One of the highlights of the training trips was that Jenny and Zoey were able to find and adjust positioning chairs and wheelchairs for the children suffering from cerebral palsy at one of the orphanages. Having properly equipped and sized chairs will make a huge difference in these children's lives!


Nutritional Support
In another recent project, our New Day North personnel have been working with one of our orphanage partners to create a standard set of formula feeding guidelines for the babies in our formula project. Maintaining proper feeding is critical for the development of these children, most of whom have special medical needs. We’re eager to see how our work with the orphanage to simplify and standardize feeding guidelines will lead to healthier and stronger children in the coming months.


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