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Newsletter - Bejing | ND North

February, 2014

The month of February has been full for us at New Day North. We continued our weekly visits to the W orphanage and were encouraged to see a few of the babies that we have been assessing make a lot of progress. Chen, who was a very weak little baby when we first met him, has made the most progress. When we first assessed him he was very behind and progressing very slowly. After realizing how behind and weak he was, the therapists added him to their daily schedule and he has taken off!

We are also excited to share the progress that the formula project has made. When we began, only 29% of the babies were in the "normal/healthy" range for height and weight. As of the end of January, that number had increased to 73%! We are working closely with the staff to help come up with a plan for the children who remain underweight.

Our big event this month was a "Family Day" at the orphanage where the entire Olsen and Samuels families hosted a morning of English corners, and an afternoon of activities and games. The older children were still on break from school and had a lot of fun. After some English instruction, we taught the older girls how to knit and make bracelets, the guys got a lesson on magic tricks, and then we all went to the gym on campus for a concert followed by kick-ball. The sugar cookies were a hit too. The children really appreciated all of the fun and attention and hope that we can do something like this again. We do too!


We've recently sent out our first newsletter. If you're interested in getting on our list, please contact hannah@newdaycreations.com. We have also updated our needs list, which you can find here: http://newdaycreations.com/foster/help/needs-north.htm

Thank you for your support!

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