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Newsletter - Bejing | ND North

June 2018

Heartbreak and Hope

Friday, March 30, 2018 was a day of great heartbreak for our team at New Day North, as our dear Ruby passed away.  Ruby joined our in-orphanage project in 2014 and, though she faced many challenges in life from the complications of her neurological and GI disorders, her life was full of love and her caregivers were full of hope for her.  So, we were all in shock when a sudden illness rapidly deteriorated despite the efforts of her nannies, the orphanage medical team and the local hospital.

On Monday, April 2, our whole New Day North team gathered to remember Ruby, and many tears were shed.  Each nanny took a moment to share aloud the words she wished she could have shared with Ruby.  Ruby touched many lives with her bright eyes, quirky smile and her persistent spirit.  She was much loved in life and deeply grieved in her death.  You can read our memorial tribute to Ruby on the New Day Website.
Weeks later, because of our open spot, and because several of our less needy children were now attending preschool, we met with the orphanage leadership to consider adding a few new children to the project.  As we looked at a room of about eight children with special needs, all who need the specialized care that the New Day nannies have been trained to give, an inspiration was born. 

Instead of adding children to the New Day project, we agreed with the orphanage that several of the most experienced nannies from the New Day project would provide daily training during preschool hours to the nannies caring for these eight children.  In that way, the blessing could be multiplied – not just a few children, but eight, could be helped.

The heartbreak of Ruby’s death remains very great for our whole team, but we are encouraged to see how the nannies, even as they carry the pain of the loss in their hearts, are planting fresh seeds of hope in more and more lives.

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