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Newsletter - Bejing | ND North

Feb 2018

Happy Chinese New Year!!

New Day North, our group of projects in Inner Mongolia, is celebrating the amazing changes in the lives of our children in 2017, and is looking forward to some big opportunities in 2018!

The special focus of New Day North is orphaned children with long-term developmental needs, like cerebral palsy and Down Syndrome. The vision for helping these children includes two key parts - Transformation Centers, operating within government orphanages in close cooperation with the orphanage staff and leadership, and a Training Center, located in the capital city, where specialists train local coaches who coordinate the transformation centers, and provide coaching for the nannies.

The first Transformation Center opened in 2014 and has been the home for over 20 very special children, six of whom have already been adopted into forever families! One child who has experienced an amazing transformation at that Center is Rina. With a unique type of neurological disorder that makes progress slow and challenging, Rina has worked hard under the love and care of her amazing nannies and their coaches. Her abilities have grown and her personality has blossomed!   The Training Center, opened in 2015, is both home for three special children, and the center for training three coaches and many nannies from all over Inner Mongolia. In 2017, through the training of our support team of visiting Speech-Language Pathologists, coaches Lydia and Abigail are learning how to use and coach nannies in using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), which is already helping children like Frank, who have significant communication challenges, to get a “voice” of their own!


Thank you so much for standing with New Day North in 2017!

2018 looks like a year of amazing opportunities for New Day North, as plans are underway to expand to a total of THREE Transformation Centers in orphanages in three different cities in Inner Mongolia.

Please feel free to "spread the word" about New Day North with anyone you think may be interested. We are especially looking for more child sponsors for the children at New Day North, all fifteen of whom still need additional monthly sponsors. Subscribe to the New Day North Newsletter or follow the facebook page to stay informed about exciting new opportunities ahead!

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