Spread the Word

Spread the Word

Each of us has a sphere of influence ¨C people, communities, and organizations who we can inspire. The work of NDFH has grown steadily throughout the years, primarily because individuals like you advocate on our behalf within their own spheres of influence.

Many people express a desire to do something more for orphans; to be a part of something significant. You don¡¯t have to come to China to have an impact on the lives of orphans. There are many ways you can spread the word in your own community about NDFH¡¯s work on behalf of orphans in China:


  • Host a sponsorship drive and encourage your friends and family to sign up as NDFH child or formula sponsors.
  • Adopt a field trip and send our children on a fun outing and out to lunch.
  • Did you know a basic heart surgery costs under $5,000? Your church or company could sponsor a surgery and save a child¡¯s life.
  • Help your children set-up summertime lemonade stands or bake sells for NDFH.
  • Give the ¡°Gift that Gives¡± to friends and family for any special occasion. The recipient will receive a letter explaining the gift made in their honor. You can even sponsor a child or formula in honor of someone.
  • Speak in your community about the work of NDFH, encouraging others to join our cause.
  • Organize volunteer outreach teams and bring a group to serve at NDFH.
  • Spearhead a Fatherless Sunday focus at your church to raise awareness about orphans and adoption.
  • Link to NDFH¡¯s website or blog on your own site. Perhaps you can do an online sponsorship drive.


These are just a few ideas. We recognize that each sponsor will have unique talents and ideas, and perhaps you¡¯ll think of other ways to spread the word. We will come alongside you and do whatever we can to support you in your efforts to advocate on behalf of the fatherless.

Contact Hannah Samuels at hannah@newdaycreations.com with your ideas and questions.


We are HIS

Shot and Edited by Callyanne


Bringing Hope to the Hopeless


A glimpse of joy at New Day Foster Home


The Stories of New Day Foster Home
When 60 Minutes producer Johnny Drimmer learned about the mission of New Day Foster Home he was intrigued, and so he came to visit. Thrilled about New Day’s mission, Johnny began the long, hard process of putting together an informative, stirring and exciting project: a 20-minute film showing the heart of NDFH through the stories of three of our children, Judson, Claire and Jace. This film is perfect to share with your friends when they ask questions about NDFH, and it’s a great way to be reminded that love does indeed make a difference. E-mail hannah@newdaycreations.com for instructions on how to download a high definition file.


This high definition 15 second video clip quickly introduces the work of NDFH through pictures and singing. We think it would be perfect to use at a church or as a PSA on your local TV station. E-mail hannah@newdaycreations.com for instructions on how to download a high definition file.


Introduction Video
This 8 minute video gives you a glimpse into the heart of our work. Not only does it tell our history, describe our programs, and provide information on ways for people to get involved, it will also inspire you as it opens your eyes to the love and hope that fills our home. It would be perfect to use as an introduction for your friends and family to the work of NDFH. E-mail hannah@newdaycreations.com for instructions on how to download a high quality file. Thank you to Integrity Productions for producing this video as a gift to NDFH!


Video Clip by BBC



Project Summaries
These two-page project summaries provide an introductory overview of each of our programs. We hope these help you introduce the work of NDFH to your friends, family, and colleagues.


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