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New Day South Update..

Dear Friends,

Most of you reading this notice will remember the government action last year in Guangdong province recalling children from private care back to their home orphanages (see last year's newsletter for more information.) All of our children at New Day South (except for Sawyer who was hospitalized) had to leave our care during those difficult days.

Soon afterwards, however, we began getting calls again from a few of our smaller orphanages asking for help with children with serious medical need. This gave us encouragement and hope that a way could be found to continue helping children here in south China. We opened a new, smaller facility near the hospital, retaining our staff and as many of our trained caregivers as possible, and made a one-year commitment to help as we could, no matter how few children.

Now, one year later, and after multiple conversations with our partner orphanages, it has become clear that we will not be able return to normal operation anytime in the foreseeable future. We have therefore made the difficult decision to close New Day South by the end of the summer. Going forward, we will refer any new requests for help from Guangdong orphanages to our parent foster home in Beijing.

Our first concern of course is for our remaining five children. We were thrilled to learn just this week Sawyer’s forever family will come get him next month. Several of our other children will be transferring to New Day in Beijing, and one or two of our most healthy may be returning to their home orphanage (we’ll be posting the details on each child on our facebook page.)

We invite our sponsors and donors with a heart for China’s orphaned children to consider supporting New Day’s work in our other locations. And, for those who want to venture with us into new territory, we would be happy to tell you more about our new work just a bit further south down the road in Vietnam.

In the midst of all of the other feelings in our hearts right now, the main emotion that surfaces to the top is gratitude - gratitude for the privilege of being able to make a difference in the lives of so many very special children over the last eight years. Hardly a week goes by that we don’t hear a report or see a new photo of a former New Day South child that is now healthy, happy and enjoying the blessing of family. And of course, gratitude for you our supporters and friends that made all of this possible - thank you!


Doug Bush and the New Day South Team

Welcome, Charity!
Just a day after making this decision, we received a call to help a 3 month old baby girl with serious congenital heart defect.

We've always done everything we could to say "yes" to these calls, and it didn't seem like time to stop now.   (We'll do whatever it takes to see this little girl restored to health and in a good environment.)

Charity arrived just a few days ago and will be admitted to the hospital soon for evaluation and surgery planning.  

Donations to help with her surgery expense can be made here.

New Day Vietnam
Three new children will be receiving heart surgery at our partner hospital in Ho Chi Minh City later this week or next.

To learn more, you can reply to this email. Donations towards the hospital expense can be made here.


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