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Newsletter - Bejing | ND North

August 8, 2013

Already this month has been an important one for New Day North. After spending a few weeks getting settled in our new home, we took the train east to the Wulanchabu orphanage where we met NDFH nurse, Ellie, who helped assess the children for the formula project. Seven children have been added into the project and we look forward to watching them grow.

Brian Samuels with the Wulanchabu director and assistant directors with the formula

Wednesday, August 7th, we visited again and chatted with the director about holding an English camp for their older children. Greg Olsen will be leading this and we are glad to be able to cultivate our relationship with the orphanage by meeting this need for them.

Greg Olsen assesses the English levels...

We have plans to help the house manager and nannies with performing developmental assessments on a few of their children next week, and Wendy Samuels, a trained special education teacher, will be guiding the nannies and staff in how to do this.

We look forward to helping provide the staff of the orphanage with the tools to help their children thrive.

We are feeling incredibly blessed right now with the doors that have been opening for us and can't wait to see what's next!

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