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Newsletter - Bejing | ND North

May, 2014

The Nanny Project has begun!

The last week in April we met the nanny candidates that the orphanage had found and chatted further with them and observed how they interacted with the children. After discussion with the orphanage management we selected four women to be our first nannies. The ladies traveled to Beijing after the May Holiday for two weeks of observation and training. At the conclusion of the training program, we decided to let one of the nannies go, as she didn't seem to be the right fit. However, the other three began work on May 19th as we officially started the “Hope House” room inside the facilities of one of our local government orphanage partners.

Things are going very well and, although there are still struggles and kinks to work out of the program, the children in our care are beginning to thrive. Philip, the oldest little guy in our room, learned his first sign language sign (“more”) on the first day... Luke mastered laughing out loud, Hannah started rolling over and Timothy has learned how to babble.

This month has also been a busy one for education and therapy. Wendy and her team led an IEP (Individual Education Plan) training session with the education and therapy staff at the B orphanage. They spent a day assessing three children and then going over how to make universal goals that would enable the teachers and therapy staff to work more effectively and in a more integrated way with each child.


We also welcomed a team of therapists from Shanghai for two days of assessments and education with the therapists and children at the W orphanage. The knowledge that they were able to pass on was such a gift, and the group therapy session that they demonstrated was an inspiration to all of us.


Everything is moving very quickly for all of us, and we are tired, but excited at what is being accomplished.

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