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Newsletter - Bejing | ND North

Novermber 26, 2013

Visiting Orphanages
The New Day North team arrived in Inner Mongolia July 1st and since then we have all been busy establishing relationships with some local orphanages. September 17th our team went on their first visit to an orphanage about 2.5 hours away. The reception we received was incredible and, two weeks later, we sent a follow-up team to meet with our contact, and chat more about their needs and how we can help. There, our contact Sarah told us, "Setting our hearts on fire once a year is inspiring, but it doesn't last long. Please come often." The needs there are great, but the open doors and willing leaders, eager to make a difference, are exciting.


A Transformed Baby Room
We have continued our weekly visits to the WLCB orphanage and watched with amazement as they transformed their baby home. It started with new floors, followed by paint and new cribs. Thanks to some donations from some of our supporters in the US, we were able to inspire the orphanage with some equipment and toys. Since then, they have purchased some items on their own and the littlest babies are resting in a cheery and peaceful environment.


Assessment Project
In October we finished assessing all of the children in the baby home, and were excited to see the children begin preschool and therapy. Liang Qing, head therapist of WLCB, is always so eager for any advice we have. At our suggestion, two more positioning chairs were purchased, so now Xing, Xuan and Shan can each sit up for a good portion of the day.

Inspiration is the Greatest Tool
As environmental changes have occurred at the orphanage, spearheaded by two valiant managers who traveled to our Beijing facility for training over the summer, the children have changed too. The children are feeding themselves out of their own bowls, listening to music and getting to interact with toys for the first time. In an orphanage situation, it's hard for a nanny who is responsible for eight babies to make time in her busy schedule to interact with the children. No amount of training will create minutes in her day. However, showing by example how to coach a baby towards development will inspire. And inspiration creates time.


The past three months have been full, sometimes frustrating yet always fulfilling. Thank you for all of your support.

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