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Newsletter - Bejing | ND North

September 2nd, 2013

Our relationship with a local orphanage has continued to blossom. Multiple times in one week someone from our team is on the train to the orphanage, either to work in the baby room with the therapists, special education teachers and nannies or to run an English camp for 25 of the older children.

During the last two weeks of the children's summer holiday Greg, Page, Ben and Harry led the English camp three days a week. Twenty five children got English names, learned greetings and other simple and useful phrases. They also enjoyed playing games and music. We were happy to be able to pour into their lives for a short time and plan to return each Saturday to continue to help them improve in English.



Wendy and Hannah have begun weekly trips to do assessments and training with the baby home managers. In the last three weeks they have assessed five children. The therapists are especially excited with the goal sheets we have produced as tools for their therapy sessions. A highlight of one of our trips was dusting off a forgotten positioning chair and donated wheelchair and showing the staff how to use them for two girls who struggle with cerebral palsy. Xing and Xuan brightened and a caregiver commented with amazement, "These children are beyond my imagination!"


We are eager to see what the next few weeks and months hold for our project. It is already going better than anticipated. Thank you all so much for your support!

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