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Newsletter - Bejing | ND North

July 2015

Adoption News

Hope to the hopeless... and the fatherless home

This work is centered around providing for the day-to-day physical, emotional and developmental needs of the children. But always in the back of our minds, as therapists are being trained and the nannies are being encouraged, is the hope that each one of the kids will soon be matched with an adoptive family of their own one day soon. It's our hope that each of the little ones will soon be matched with adoptive families, and that they will be well prepared for adoption.

And so, it is with so much joy that we announce to you that within the last two months not one, not two, but THREE little ones have been matched with adoptive families.

Timothy, Hannah and Luke each have families working hard to bring them home - and Hannah's English name is going to be Selah, and Luke will be named Levi. The adoption process takes a long time, and we have no control in it, but we hope that Timothy and Hannah and Luke will not have to wait too much longer until their new families bring them home. In the meantime, the staff and nannies will continue to pour into these precious children and prepare them for their next, and last, huge transition.

Speaking of Levi/Luke, you can read more about how this young man has been growing and maturing lately here!

How To Help

Ruby and Clara have been improving and growing daily since their surgeries earlier this year! Neither of their life-saving operations have been fully funded yet - would you like to help? To make a tax-deductible donation towards Ruby's surgery, click HERE, for Clara, click HERE.

Sponsor a Child at New Day North
Sponsors of the children in our care contribute just $35/month, and receive monthly updates and pictures of their sponsored child. Child sponsors enable us to pay the salaries of our caregivers, and provide excellent care for the children in our project.

We need more sponsors! Currently we have less than half of the sponsors needed to fully fund our project, and would love to invite new sponsors to partner with us to give these children all of the tender loving care, therapy and nutrition they need to reach their full potentials.

Interested in sponsoring? All of the information you need is RIGHT HERE.

Clara's Amazing Story.

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