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Newsletter - Bejing | ND North

April 2015

Ruby's Adventure

Ruby had GI surgery April 18th

When Ruby arrived into our care she was a very sick little girl. Thanks to the amazing care of the orphanage medical staff and our nannies, she stabilized and we began to hope that she would soon begin to grow strong and healthy. This was not to be. Over the last few weeks, Ruby stopped making progress and began to lose weight. Having already exhausted all ideas to help her thrive, we admitted Ruby into a hospital in Beijing on April 15th.

The doctors did some tests and spent a day observing Ruby, and determined that surgery was the next option for her care. Ruby's surgery was scheduled for Saturday morning, the 18th, and took five hours. It went well, and Ruby is still in the hospital recovering. We hope that this operation will be the answer to her issues, and that she will be able to grow strong and gain weight soon. We will be posting updates on our facebook page, so you can keep up to date with her situation there.

Guess just who just started walking? Luke! He's gone from a hesitant walker to a fearless walker... which keeps his nannies on high alert, afraid that he's going to fall into something. His favorite things these days are noise and speed.
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Freddy has many new accomplishments these days. He's decided that his likes rice and veggies better than his bottle, he can sign, "more" and he's making more and more sounds. Our little guy is growing up!
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Last week we welcomed a team of speech therapists to the orphanage. They gave our nannies activity-time suggestions, and shared some feeding tips and ideas to help the children in our care make speech and language progress. We were also able to offer their services to some of the other children residing at the orphanage. Thank you ladies for coming!  

We have a new team member! Please join us in welcoming Rita, a pediatrician, who also lives here in Hohhot. She will not only be joining us on visits to the orphanage to help us keep the children in our care healthy, but will also help the orphanage's medical staff keep up with their challenging needs. We're so thankful for Rita's support.



We Are Growing Again!

It's so exiting to announce that we have recently rented an apartment in the City of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. This apartment will soon be the home for up to six little ones, and the center of inspiration and training for local staff who have a heart to care for orphans in the capacity of therapy, special education and medicine.


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