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Newsletter - Bejing | ND North

April, 2014

The meeting was held in a conference room, Brian and Hannah Samuels with John Gao on one side, and seven orphanage staff and management on the other. Director Zhao began the meeting. "We're here to talk about the nanny project," he began, "and honestly I wonder why we haven't had this meeting sooner. We should have begun this project long ago, back before it was so obvious that we needed it so much."

We all nodded. Yes, the need was great, especially now. Two new babies had arrived in the last two days, and the three nannies were scrambling to care for over thirty children.

Our meeting on April 16th went as well as it possibly could have and an agreement was signed. The nanny project will begin almost immediately, the first step being the search and hiring of four nannies to provide 24/7 care for four children.

The orphanage has agreed to let us use one of itsrooms, and our plan is to hire four nannies at first to provide care for four children. We hope to expand during the summer to double and then triple our capacity. The orphanage is eager and we are ready.

Our plan is to hire and train our first set of nannies in the beginning of May, and have the project running by the middle of the month.

Sponsorship has already been opened for the four children in our care - three little boys and one girl. Please go here to read about them and sign up to sponsor them monthly!


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