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The Vision of New Day North is to transform the lives of children with special needs, especially those who are orphans. Our approach to accomplishing that vision involves three key roles:


  • Care-givers are the people interacting with the children all the time and their impact in the children’s lives is the greatest. We believe that, more than any other person in the child’s life, the nanny who cares for the child can make the biggest impact. For that reason, we focus on using long-term hands-on training to develop nannies who are excellent at taking care of children with long-term needs.
  • Experts in the areas of medicine, therapy, nursing and special education are able to give information and techniques to nannies that is specific to the kinds of children they care for. New Day North depends on a strong team of experts, both Chinese and foreign, from the local area as well as visitors who periodically visit to provide training.
  • Coaches are a vital part of the New Day North team and strategy. These coaches are specifically trained not only in how to care for children with special needs, but in how to coach care-givers on an ongoing basis. These coaches provide a key link between the knowledge of the experts and the care-givers, because the coaches help the care-givers consistently and accurately implement the guidance and training provided by the experts in each subject area.


The New Day North Vision includes two very special kinds of projects:


  • Orphanage Projects include medical support, training and in-orphanage care centers. Our vision is that these close partnerships with government orphanages provide an ideal way to help the most children possible.
  • The New Day North Special Needs Training Center provides care for children with long-term special needs from locations around the province. At the same time, the Training Center provides training for local staff to be equipped as care-givers, coaches for care-givers, and coordinators for projects around the province. The Training Center also provides opportunities to reach out to the community, helping families who want to be equipped to help their children who have special needs.



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