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Special Needs Care and Training Center

Started in 2016, New Day North operates a center in Hohhot, which provides care for several children with long-term special needs from locations around the province. At the same time, the Training Center provides training for local staff to be equipped as care-givers, coaches for care-givers, and coordinators for projects around the province.

In-Orphanage Care Center

Since May 2014, New Day North has operated the Home of Hope center in a major government orphanage in Inner Mongolia. The goals of this center are to provide a significantly lower child-to-staff ratio, provide specialized training and support to a dedicated group of caregivers, and provide a living example to influence the orphanage staff. The project currently employs 14 staff providing full-time care for 10-14 orphans, most of whom have long-term special medical needs such as cerebral palsy and Down syndrome.

Special Education and Training

Two key programs begun in government orphanages in 2017 provide training and support in two of our government orphanage partners:


  • Special Needs Preschool: New Day North staff provide regular training and guidance to the teachers and assistants in a special needs preschool for eight children with some of the most challenging long-term special needs in one of our orphanage partners.
  • Feeding Intervention Program: In another orphanage partner, New Day North provides specialized toddler formula, customized menus, basic monthly evaluations and regular coaching on feeding for several specific children with significant feeding difficulties.


In addition, New Day North regularly conducts a wide range of training programs in government orphanages in Wulanchabu and Baotou.


  • Therapy: New Day North partners with therapists who come regularly to train staff, evaluate children, and provide specific therapeutic guidance for the children we are helping.
  • Special Education: New Day North’s special education team helps to assess the children periodically and provide them with goals to help them grow and develop.
  • Nanny Training: New Day North works closely with nannies, training them to work with children who have special needs.


Medical and Nutritional Support Projects


  • Surgical Referrals: Starting in 2000, children from orphanages in Inner Mongolia were sent to New Day Beijing for surgery. New Day Beijing continues to offer short term and long term care for these children.
  • Formula Project: In August, 2013, New Day North brought the Formula Project to orphanages within Inner Mongolia, supplying nutritious formula for infants until they turn one. The Formula Project has been at Wulanchabu since 2013 and was at Bayannur between 2014 – 2015.
  • Pediatric Consulting: New Day North’s onsite pediatrician provides regular consultative services to medical personnel in government orphanages with whom we partner.
  • Dental Care: New Day North has brought dental teams to Wulanchabu and Baotou.


Family Consultation

Using the Hohhot training center, New Day North provides free therapist consultations to families with children who have special needs from around Inner Mongolia, and has provided training at a local rehabilitation center that helps special needs children throughout Inner Mongolia.


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