Foster Home - Beijing

Our twenty-five bed facility outside of Beijing is a haven for special needs orphans from around China. We bring them here not only for surgery and medical care, but for emotional and spiritual restoration as well.

We believe love makes a difference, and we see the result in childrenĄ¯s faces. Empty eyes begin to sparkle as childrenĄ¯s lives are transformed through our unique programs:


  • Busy Minds ¨C With class in Chinese three days a week and English two days a week, our in-house preschool keeps our children busy with hands-on activities and occasional field trips.
  • Differently-abled ¨C Our full-time physical therapist provides a full range of therapies uniquely tailored to each childĄ¯s different abilities.
  • Medical Miracles ¨C Working in partnership with some of the best hospitals in China, our experienced in-house medical team treats a variety of complex needs.
  • Intimate Care ¨C With one nanny for every three children, our excellent staff-to-child ratio ensures our children receive plenty of one-on-one attention.

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