Learn Sign Language

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch these video clips of signs to use with New Day kids.
Because of the variety of languages in New Day a lot of the kids learn and use sign language to communicate.
The intent for these video clips are just to make sure everyone has access to communication:

These are just 250 signs of a complex and full language. There is no expectation of knowing all of American Sign Language (ASL) from this video.

Thank you again for watching and enjoy!


Question words
Why? Who? What?
Where? When? How?
Numbers and alphabet
One to Ten (1 to 10) 10 to 100 ABDCEFG...
Action words
Give Switch Slow Down
Eat Change Fast
Drink Write Sign
More Talk Cut
Stand Show Calm Down
Sit Walk Play
Slide Stop Music
Swing Teach Share
Go Learn Jump
End Smile Sleep
Time Evening Last
Morning First Yesterday
Afternoon Before Tomorrow
Monday Month Hot
Tuesday Day Cold
Wednesday Fall Rainy
Thursday Week Cloudy
Friday Winter Snow
Saturday Spring Sunny
Sunday Summer Windy
Year 1 to 31 Calendar
Family Sister Grand Father
Mom Brother Aunt
Dad Grand Mother Uncle
Woman My Boss
Man He / She / It Helper / Nanny
Girl I / Me Teacher
Boy You Friend
Foster Home Outside / Backyard Doctor
Class Inside Nurse
Bathroom Bed Therapy
Cafeteria Bedroom Speech Therapy
Food (dining) Room Hospital Physical Therapy
Shoes Jacket or Coat Gloves
Shirt Socks Clothes
Pants Hat
Breakfast Peach Candy
Lunch Grapes Napkin
Dinner Watermelon Plate
Milk Strawberry Chopsticks
Water Noodles Fork
Cookie Cake Spoon
Banana Egg Knife
Apple Snack
Things and animals
Flower Airplane Snake
Tree Car Horse
Table Grass Cow
Paper Animal Pig
Scissors Truck Chicken
Book Dog Goat
Hands Cat Rabbit
Train Bird Bug
Boat Butterfly Frog
Smart Brown Triangle
Proud Black Square
Fun Purple Circle
Same Green Rectangle
Different Pink Diamond
Crazy Orange Ugly
Full Yellow Beautiful
Red White Big
Blue Small
Happy Bad Love
Sad All Right I Love You Common
Boring Wonderful I Love You Formal
Sleepy Mad Excited
Good Frustrated Hungry
Fine Cool Thirsty
Hello Fix Don't Know
How Are You? Give 1 Meet
Thank You Give 2 Nice To Meet You
You’re Welcome Will My Name
Your Turn / My Turn No Need
Wait Yes Help
Want Not Gentle
Don’t Want Can Understand
Careful Can't Don't Understand
Nice Know
He/She Is Mad Please Give Me The Napkin What Is The Month?
He/She Is Sad I Want More Food Please I Need Your Help
I Want You To Fix This My Name Is Bethany Do You Want My Help?
Hello, How Are You? What Is Your Name? How Old Are You?