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We move many of our children who no longer require daily medical care into local foster families, well-trained and supervised by our staff. Our children blossom when they become a part of a loving foster family, where they stay until they are adopted.

Beijing Foster Families

Ba Gen and Hong Zhi

Luke and Christine

Jeff and Lisa

Will and Jessica

Bryan and Melanie

Tom and Suzy

Jim and Vicki

Family Perspectives

Retired Beijing Foster Families

They’ve invested in each foster child’s life, pouring love into those kid’s thirsty hearts. With each tender caress, encouraging word and affectionate smile, the foster parent’s devoted care has made a difference and has impacted the next generation. We’re grateful to those foster parents who have opened their door and their arms to one or multiple children, loving them faithfully until they joined their forever families. They are our heroes.

Anna and Joseph

Alex and Juliette

Lindsey and Samuel

Rose and Tony

Bill and Joanna

Ethan and Julia

Coreen and Don

Steve and Emily

Daniel and Virginia

Tracy and John

Joan and Patrick

Jane and Paul

Mike and Teresa

Tim and Alison

Julian and Amber

Philip and Hannah

Frank and Lucy

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