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Many government orphanages care for large populations of children with Cerebral Palsy and other debilitating diseases, and yet they do not have access to professional physical therapy. We believe that skillful and compassionate full-time physical therapists working at government orphanages can significantly improve the children¡¯s quality of life.

One orphanage director asked us to fund and train a full-time physical therapist for his orphanage. We were able to meet this need, and we¡¯ve seen amazing progress in the children:


  • A little girl who had no use of her crippled hands can now sew.
  • A little boy whose legs could not bend at the knee because of stiffness from Cerebral Palsy can now pull himself to a standing position.



We see similar needs at other orphanages. We plan to expand our Physical Therapy Outreach program, but need sponsors with a heart for this type of work. If you have questions about supporting this project, please e-mail
If making a donation, in memo field please designate "PT Outreach."

One Month's Salary for a Full-Time
Physical Therapist = $300 USD.



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