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Our Teacher's Perspective

I*ve been a preschool teacher since 2007. Preschool is lively, busy, and sometimes even crazy! The kids can*t wait to go to class every day, where they get to use all kinds of toys donated by friends from all over the world. The wonderful puzzles, magical drawing boards, and a cute little house help make our preschool both educational and fun.

Some might look at my job and think it requires a lot of love and patience to teach the children new things, good manners, and create the structure and boundaries they need to thrive. Actually it seems that the children are the ones who give me so much 每 surprises, blessings, and lessons I need to learn every day. They give me precious love, straight from their trusting and open hearts. My heart melts when I hear them call me ※laoshi§ (teacher) for the first time, feel their little arms wrap around me to give me hugs, hear their sweet voices singing the first songs in their lives, and watch them paint their first brushes of color.

I know how blessed I am to be a teacher in the beginning stages of their lives. Someday they*ll all leave for their own loving families, but until that happens, I enjoy and cherish every day I spend with my precious students.

NDFH Preschool Teacher

Preschool Schedule


8:30 每 9:00

9:00 每 9:30


9:30 每 10:00

10:00 每 10:25

10:25 每 10:45

10:45 每 11:05

11:05 每 11:20

11:20 每 11:25

11:25 每 11:45

11:45 每 11:50

Children age 3+ arrive for class.

Open activities at different centers.

Lesson for older children.

Two-year-olds arrive for class.

Open activities at different centers.

Snack and Bathroom time.


Group lesson.

Activity centers to develop motor skills and coordination.

Bathroom break.

Outdoor exercise or center play if weather is bad.

Line up for lunch.

Our Facility
Thanks to generous donations, we have a world-class preschool! Have a look around.
In our little playhouse, there is a reading loft on top, and a little kitchen underneath. Our kitchen was handmade by our talented carpenter. Everything works, including the knobs on the stove! The kids love "playing house."

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