Support NDFH this Holiday Season


Did you know that your shopping can help support New Day? Follow the link and 5% of your purchase will go straight here - to the kiddos! Now that's an easy way to make a big difference.

This year have decided to do something different. In honor of our little fighter, Benjamin, we are giving you the opportunity to help save lives. Go here to make a donation. Let's tell the world that life is worth fighting for, every single breath of it.

The Christmas shopping season is under way. Everybody seems to be buying gifts for each other, rushing from store to store... or surfing the web for that perfect gift. Giving is important, and we always strive to give the present that would be most appreciated. But sometimes this task seems too hard. Dad has enough ties and Starbucks gift cards, and Grandma really isn't interested in another sweater.

Before you give up and buy another gift card, consider giving a gift that gives. New Day is sustained by its donors, and this Christmas you can give that special someone a gift by making a donation in their honor! Not only will you give them a present that they'll appreciate, but you'll also be meeting the needs of the children here.

There are two ways you can bless New Day this holiday season.

-Child Sponsorship
Choose which child you'd like to sponsor and we'll send the recipient of your sponsorship an initial sponsor packet with a photograph and information on the child. Throughout the year they will receive monthly e-mail updates with a progress report and a new picture.

-One-Time Donations
Give a one-time gift to any of our different funds in honor of your loved one. Donations can either be made through paypal or check.

In all of the above options the honoree will receive an e-card acknowledging the donation/sponsorship you made in his or her name and explaining how the gift will be used.

Thank you for choosing the gift that keeps on giving!

E-mail for more information.

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