Thank You

The following companies make our work possible through their generous financial contributions and supply donations. Thank you!

Thank you for your generous donations towards the children's medical care.

Thank you GE6000, for donating the security cameras and surveillance system to help insure our children's safety!
Thank you Kimberly-Clark for donating much needed disposable diapers. Now we can all stay dry when we hold the children.
Thank you to a warm-hearted group of Fine Wristwatch Aficionados  for your generous donation in support of our New Day South foster home.
Thank you DHgate for your generous donations.
Thank you United Foundation of Children's Health for providing all our children and staff with flu shots. Thank you also for providing free dental care for the children that need major dental work done. Now we are all healthy with sparkling teeth.
Thank you Nestle for donating formula to our formula project. Children that were malnourished are now gaining weight and have a fighting chance to survive. From thin and fragile to nice chubby cheeks is a wonderful picture to see.
Johnson & Johnson
Thank you Johnson & Johnson for helping us keep the children clean with soft fragrant skin
Thank you, MMIA, for donating a car to NDFH! It will certainly help us as we make trips back and forth to the hospital!
Thanks to VMware for their generous donation to the foster home. Their gift enables us to bring more hope and healing to China's orphans!
Thank you New Day Creations for donating a portion of each product sold to the children.
Thanks to a Beijing-area car sales company, the foster home is the proud owner of a beautiful new piano! This company donated the piano to our foster home, and soon some of our oldest children will be able to take lessons.
Thanks to Nature's One for a generous financial contribution and donation of PediaSmart, a product our foster home frequently uses with our critical heart babies.
Thanks to Black and Veatch's Beijing office for throwing our children an amazing Christmas party and for the donation of 10 computers.
Thank you Standard Chartered for the new refrigerator and a fun McDonald's party for our children!
Siemens recently donated some toys and clothes to our children. Thank you for your generous contribution!
Thank you, Links-group, for your generous donation to our formula project.
Thank you, wyeth, for your generous donation to our formula project.
Deutsche Bank
As one of the world's leading financial services providers, Deutsche Bank invests in the next generation. Thank you for saving children's lives through your generous contributions to our medical and surgical fund.
Aiyashi Dental
Our children's teeth are pearly white thanks to the hard work of Beijing Perfect Dental Clinic! We greatly appreciate the high-quality dental work they donate to our children.
Victory Sweepers, Inc.
This special company has made a unique commitment to bless our children with a portion of every sale they make. A big “thank you” to Mark Schwarze and all Victory Sweepers employees!
NU2YU Baby Shop
The NU2YU Baby Shop is a Beijing-based second-hand shop specializing in high-quality, gently-used baby, toddler and childhood necessities. Thank you for generously donating much-needed supplies to our foster home!
ThoughtWorks is a global IT consulting firm. Thank you for the generous donation of office supplies!
Ascendas is Asia's leading provider of business environments and space solutions. Many thanks to the Beijing office for their employees’ generous financial contribution to the foster home.
IPG Photonics
IPG Photonics is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance fiber lasers and amplifiers for diverse applications in numerous markets. Thank you to the Beijing office for their ongoing and generous financial contributions to the work of the foster home.
Thanks to Adobe Systems Software Co., Ltd. for the generous contribution from their Beijing office employees.
China Construction Bank
China Construction Bank (Xisi Branch) donated much-needed baby supplies. Thank you!
He's Association for the Promotion of Charity at Qi county in Shanxi of China
Beijing Aotexiang Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd
Thank you for giving us the playground equipment at cost.
ePlanet Ventures
We would like to thank our friends at ePlanet Ventures for their monthly sponsorship of one room and the funding of one major surgery a year. Thank you for investing in the lives of orphans.
The Little Oak
Little Jeremy has a difficult road ahead. Thank you The Little Oak for helping provide for some of his needed surgeries.
China Railway Materials Commercial Corp.
Thank you for your generous monetary donation and gifts for the children.
Ever Bright Technologies
A special "thank you" to the Ebright Company for the gifts they brought to the foster home. The milk powder, baby cereal and other gifts are very much appreciated!
Thank you, Pari, for helping our high-risk children breathe easier.
A big thank you goes to the Whirlpool Company for donating a brand-new washing machine and dryer to us. This new equipment will allow us to quickly and efficiently wash and dry all of the children’s laundry.
We would like to thank the Omron Corporation and the Beijing office employees for their monetary donation as well as providing us with some of the medical equipment that they manufacture. With so many needy children, the money and new equipment will come in very handy.
Thank you Lijieshi for your generocity. Your donation will help us insure the children have a safe environment free from germs.
Baowen Jianzhu Cailiao
Thank you, Baowen Jianzhu Cailiao, for your generous donation. The children have been enjoying the ice cream. Children and ice cream make for sticky hands and clothes, so the staff has enjoyed the detergent.
Asian Star
The children, and the lucky adults who get to go with them, have greatly enjoyed the delicious food and great service you have kindly donated. These monthly trips to your restaurant are highlights that are anticipated by all.
Thank you for the VP Shunt Shunt you donated; it will change Abby's life forever.
Colgate-Palmolive (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd.
Thank you Colgate for helping give our children bright smiles and soft clothes.
New Day Foster Home would like to thank CBN for their generosity in providing our children with much needed cleft palate surgeries. These surgeries have allowed these children to begin living a normal life with a beautiful new smile.
Many thanks to the BICF for much needed donations. These donations have helped to cover one of our most important yet difficult expenses to fund, the day to day running operations of New Day Foster Home. This would include the salary of the nannies, purchasing basic supplies such as food, clothing, medicine, and paying for basic utility needs. Thank you BICF for helping provide our children with their basic needs.

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