Name: Wendel
Birthday: February 8, 2006

Little Wendel was born on February 8, 2006 with a congenital heart disease (VSD) and was abandoned six months later. In September he was taken by his orphanage to Tianjin for heart surgery. Following the surgery, his orphanage asked if we could care for him until he was adopted. On October 10, 2006, this bright-eyed, enthusiastic little boy joined the New Day Family. Wendel was 8 months old when he arrived, and at the time he was weak, thin, and could not even roll over. Now he is an unstoppable ball of energy, and developmentally on-track. We are thankful that we've had the opportunity to get to know Wendel and invest in his future.

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Wendel right after surgery
Are our hats cute?
Wendel leaving with his foster family
Wendel says good bye as he prepares to leave to meet his adoptive family.