Name: Abigail
Birthdate: October 3, 2005

Born on October 3, 2005 with anal atresia, Abigail was abandoned 10 days after birth and taken to the local orphanage by the police. Her first day in the orphanage, Abigail underwent an emergency colostomy surgery. When she was stable enough to travel, the orphanage asked us to care for her medical needs. On October 26, 2005, Abigail arrived in Beijing and immediately transferred to a hospital where she stayed until she was stabilized and stronger. Abigail had two surgeries in 2007, and now she is a happy and healthy little girl with beautiful curly hair and a sweet spirit! We are thankful we have the opportunity to love and care for her until she is adopted.

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On October 26, Abigail had a check up at the hospital. The doctor said she was doing so well with her colostomy bag that they decided to delay her surgery till she is older. They believe it will make the surgery easier.
Abigail met her parents on Friday, March 20, 2009. Just as we are for all of our children, we¡¯re thrilled Abigail¡¯s wait for a family is over. Abigail is the first New Day child to be adopted by a family who adopted another New Day child previously. Abigail¡¯s new big brother is Shane.