Name: Emily
Birthdate: October 9, 2003

Six months after little Emily was born, she was found abandoned near the Old City police department in her hometown. After an unsuccessful search for her parents, she was taken to the local orphanage where she was diagnosed with a minor deformity, Pectus Carinatum (Pigeon Chest), and a Congenital heart disease. She lived with a foster family in her hometown until late 2007, when it was discovered that her heart condition was quite serious and needed immediate surgery. She arrived at New Day on November 27, 2007, and she had heart surgery to correct her Endocardial Cushion on December 11, 2007. The surgery was complicated and her recovery was a little slow, but she was finally released from ICU on Christmas Day. Emily is a very particular little girl who has told us she likes living in the foster home. She is small for her age, but each day she grows stronger. We are looking forward to seeing how much more this lovable little girl will develop in the future.

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