Name: Esther
Birthday: 9/26/2005

Esther was born into the world on September 26, 2005. One month after she was born, she was found abandoned and taken to an orphanage by the police. Then, on November 29, 2005, she was able to come and join us here at the New Day Foster Home! When this young lady came into the world, she had a couple of extra toes on her left foot. When she is older and has gained more strength, she will be given corrective surgery to remove the extra digits. This little girl is a charming young lady. The staff here at the New Day Foster Home looks forward to getting to know more about her in the coming months.

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Completing the final preparations before Esther is able to leave.
Esther ready to go to her new foster home.
Esther and her new foster mother.
Esther arriving at her new foster home!
Esther with her adoptive mom and sister
Esther playing with her sister