Name: Chloe
Birthdate: January 26, 2001

Two years after Chloe was born, she was abandoned in a grain field. When she was found a short time later by the farmers who owned the land, she was wearing blue jean overalls, an orange, hooded t-shirt, red shoes and white socks. After the police had been called, and a search for her parents was made, she was taken to one of the local orphanages. Even though she is five years old, she is developmentally delayed. However, with tender loving care, we are already seeing improvement in her life.

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Chloe with Brandi
and her nanny
Chloe meeting her adoptive family
Chloe with her
mom and dad
Making sure they really are her parents
Giving her sister a kiss
Savannah was sad to see her best friend leave
Chloe leaving with her new family