November 3rd is Orphan Sunday at churches all around the world. It's a day to learn about, advocate for and do something about the international orphan crisis. It's a day to make a difference.

But how? We'd like to offer you a simple way to make a difference. We're calling our little project "3 at 3 on 3." The gist of the plan is that you invite three people to join you at three in the afternoon on the 3rd of November. You can meet at a coffee shop, in your home, at a park... anywhere, really! Chat and brainstorm with your friends about how you can make a difference. Inspire one another.

Here are some ideas:

Pray - commit to praying for one of the children in our care every day for three months.
Give - we are creatures of comfort. Sacrifice three "comforts" for one week and donate the money saved to our medical fund.
Share - find three ways to advocate and tell others about orphans. It could be as simple as a facebook post, a twitter message or just lunch with a friend.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need more ideas, or simply want to let us know how your efforts are going.

There are also resources on our website here: Spread the Word.

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